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Steril-Gene Life Sciences (P) Ltd is a pharmaceutical company, manufacturing a range of pharmaceutical preparations like TABLETS, HARDGELATIN CAPSULES, SOFTGELATIN CAPSULES, DRY SYRUP, DRY POWDER INJECTIONS, SUSPENSION and LIQUID INJECTIONS with Lyophilization.

The 20 acre factory, located at Pondicherry (India), consists of 4 major state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities HORMONE, CEPHALOSPORIN, LIQUID INJECTION (GENERAL CATEGORY) and ORAL SOLID DOSAGE (GENERAL CATEGORY) BLOCKS. The facility is adequately supported by its own QA/QC laboratory, Engineering, Utilities and Effluent treatment plant.


Hormone Formulation block for Softgelatin Capsules and Tablets.
Cephalosporin Facility comprises of a dedicated section for Dry Powder Injectables, Dry Syrup, Tablets, Capsules, Suspension & Drops.
Liquid Injectables in Lyophilized Ampoules and Vials.
Tablets & Capsules General Category.


Approved plant
The facility is a approved plant and is working towards getting accredited by all major Regulatory bodies.


  • Softgel Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Dry Syrup
  • Dry Powder Injectables
  • Liquid Injectables
  • Suspension
  • Drops

Social Responsibility

Well designed ETP to take care of plant effluent with Zero discharge.
Environment Monitoring programme for all manufacturing sections.
PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) for Individuals coming in contact with API.
HVAC designed to meet regulatory & cGMP Requirements.
Well designed Change room for Core Manufacturing Area.