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Sterile Block

We manufacture small volume parenterals which include liquid injectables in ampoules and vials ranging from 1 ML to 100 ML with lyophilisation capability, prefilled syringes and ophthalmic vials. The sterile manufacturing area and primary packaging area are class A as per the classification norms. The sterile facility consists of three vial lines from Steril Line italy with two tofflon lyopphilizers, one ampoule line from ROTA Germany, Prefilled syringe line from truking and a ophthalmic vial line from Truking. ROTA line is capable of filling ampoules and vials with a fill volume ranging from 1 ML to 10 ML. This fully integrated line consists of washing, drying, de-pyrogenating, filling, stoppering and ampoule sealing and labelling. Steriline from Italy is capable of filling vials of 10 ML to 100 ML with lyophilizing process which is niche technology for highly sensitive molecules. Lyophilizer from Tofflon and Serail, France, for processing and freeze-drying formulations. We also have a Hitachi automated visual inspection system and a Jekson serialization machine. This block has well-trained professionals with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ready to cater to the domestic and export injectable markets.

Annual Capacity


13 Million/1.3 Crore

Lyophilized Vials

30 Lakhs/3 Million

Ophthalmic vials

15 Million/1.5 Crore


45 Million/4.5 Crore

Pre filled syringes

10 Million/1 Crore