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Hormone Block

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Hormone Block

Formulation of tablets and soft gelatin capsules of hormonal category alone are manufactured in this block. High speed and precise encapsulation machine form the core of this block. This block is equipped with an isolator to dispense hormonal APIs. This block has some of the most modern machines including gel preparation machine, encapsulation machine, tumble dryer. AHU’s are bag in / bag out system as per the international standards. High-speed rapid pack Alu Alu cum blister packing machine with a camera sorter. End to end high end Bottle packing line from Parle is available for products needing to be bottle packed. The Hormone block has a separate high speed precise soft gelatin encapsulation line and a separate 45 station tableting line. We have a Jekson serialization machine for your serialization needs. Personal protection equipments are used in the core manufacturing areas and very high personal safety standards are maintained at all times.

Annual Capacity


1.3 Billion/130 Crores


250 Million/25 Crore